Friday, April 2, 2010

Bill Kaulitz and Black Raven Preview.

I've made my Bill Kaulitz sim a long time ago and completely forgot about him. Tokio Hotel is one of my favorite bands so I had to. I edited him a little, and still needs some work. I have to make the bridge or his nose thinner and change his brow piercing color and some other things. I have created the rest of the band and will post later. But I just wanted to preview the progress of Bill for now.

Also my sweet Friend RavenBlackRoses wanted me to recreate a sims 2 character to sims 3 and this is the progress so far. Still working on him. I hope you like him Raven. This is the AwesomeMod version but I will work on him with out AwesomeMod.


Anonymous said...

You did an awesome job! I like it! <3

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't add this, but I might have to get Awesome Mod instead, but I have a few questions if you don't mind. It's a script Mod, right? So, uninstalling it won't affect the game what so ever since I've heard rumors that if you uninstall it, it could mess up the game and you would end up reinstalling your game? If this is not the case, then I'll be glad to get Awesome Mod. :) I'm missing out on a lot. You may have to put up both versions then. :P

JennaBray's Sims said...

I am glad you like him, still gotta tweak his face a bit, but I like how he came out.

AwesomeMod is a script mod and it won't effect the game. You could turn it on or off or just simply choose your preferences. It's actually a good thing to have, and fun to play around with. But I will put up the other version. I did it first with the mod on so I can play with it from there, and try to get it as close as possible with no mod at all.

But if it makes your computer crash or doesn't work try installing the framework installer tool. Before installing AwesomeMod. AwesomeMod worked for me after I installed this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks :) This was great help for me. Off to download AwesomeMod. Thanks so much. <3

Yumi said...

Wow great job on Bill!
Is there a possibility to get the Sim from you?

And all your other sims- WOW! awesome!

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