Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Black Raven

This sim was requested by RavenBlackRoses...

What Makes This Sim?

You will need some sliders in order for Black to look the same as he appears in the photos.You will need AwesomeMod, Bella3lek4's Facial Feature Sliders and Johna Sliders if you're planning to tweak his face.

Note: before entering CAS Make sure to press ctrl+shift+c to open up the cheats menu and enter "setconfig cassliderscaleincreased true" For the AwesomeMod Slider limit to work.

Download Black Sims3pack

Download Black .PackageFile

Please do not re-upload or call it your own.

Custom Content

Skin by 234jiao non-default version by BrownSugarWitch

For the skin to work you need the CAS Mod by Rez Delnava:

Eyebrows by Subaxi # 15

Hair By Cazy

Freckles By LadyFrontBum

LipGloss by LemonLeaf

Lip Piercing by Astray Sims

Contacts By LemonLeaf

EyeShadowLiner By Frozen and Iced

UnderEye Bags by Twilight

Shirt by Darko

Thanks and credit to all the Custom Content Creators without you and your great creation my sims wouldn't be what they are today!!!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Jenna! <3

Anonymous said...

I'm going to test the Sim in my game right way. :) I'll let you know how things turn out.

JennaBray's Sims said...

Ok Raven! I hope you like him! I wish I felt better to create him without AwesomeMod but I have just been too sick.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hey, he still looks pretty much the same even without AwesomeMod, so it's pretty much ok. Still looks good. :) I'm currently working on the Sim for you, but I have no idea if I need to work the face more and what hair to use. This is what I have so far: http://i39.tinypic.com/14c4dhx.jpg
Any suggestions? :D

Epifight said...

Jenna.... he is sooooooooo effing hot. I... whew... I need to catch my breathe. Seriously. He's the hottest sim I've EVER seen... Holy crap I need a mop.

Epifight said...

Question- I have some freckles by LFB, but they are in the full-face makeup section, so I can't use them with contacts. Is there another blush version I'm just not aware of?

JennaBray's Sims said...

Awww Raven she is so cute! I would say go with whatever looks good on her. I love her!!!

And Epi thanks! Lol your reaction made me laugh.

There are freckles that LFB has that are in the blush section, and you could still add contacts.


Thank you guys so much, and thanks to Raven because it was her idea.

Epifight said...

Thank you Raven. ;)

Chicago said...

Quick Question.

I see you have Awesome Mod and all of those lovely sliders. Do they all work, or are some of the defaults disabled?

BTW he's hot...rawr lmao o.O ^.^

JennaBray's Sims said...

Thank you Chicago! They all work, I usually do use Bella3lek4's Facial Feature Sliders and AwesomeMod just increases the slider limit. I enable it before I go into create a sim.

But Raven told me that the Facial sliders don't work with AwesomeMod so I had to get the test version. It kept on showing some kind of mismatch core mod error screen.


Chicago said...

You're Welcome.

Before I installed AM, my custom sliders disabled the default sliders, so I removed Bella and the delphy sliders.

Now I just have Johna sliders, AM, and SC. I got that error screen too, and both my game and sliders work fine. I didnt use the test verison.

Thanks for the link just in case my game decides to go haywire.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenna, thanks for the email you've sent a few days ago and I responded to the comments about the twins and I just hope people stop arguing. I don't like it when you get upset. :(
Here is the link to the thread: https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=6081281801883375956&postID=4774440056932764550&isPopup=true

I hope the anons stop fighting. :'(

JennaBray's Sims said...

Awww Raven you are to sweet! But what most of the Anon's said made a lot of sense. I am flattered that she loved my sims so much to tweak her and upload her, but the thing is that she claimed it as her own. And that bothers. I downloaded the sims that she supposibly created and it's features are almost exact with slight tweaking on the eyes. But there is no way I can't prove it.

I just hope she doesn't continue stealing other people's creations because that is just rude and straight up lazy. But anyways thank you so much!

Love you!

TumTum Simiolino said...

I LOVE this sim!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm almost done with your Sim, Jenna, but I'm going to have to upload it on Friday/Saturday because I have this huge project at school which is worth 200 to 300 points and I'm starting to get headaches from some medication my doctor recommended for me. Ack! Sometimes, I wish medication as in pills had sugar in them. Lol!

Anonymous said...

he looks hot. i'll get him.

Anonymous said...

Jenna, I finally finished the Sim, but I emailed to you. ;)

singgoutloudx said...
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